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Saint Rose Stain Glass WindowThe Catholic Church has been formally present in the Great Bend area since the mid-1800's. A few Catholics were part of the first settlers in Barton County. From 1865-1870 monks from St. Benedict Abbey in Atchison, Kansas specifically came to take care of the spiritual needs of the Catholic soldiers stationed at Fort Zarah. The first church was built in 1878 at the intersection of Baker and Park streets. Named after St. Rose of Lima, the parish was formally established that same year. The present church-building at the intersection of Broadway and Baker was built in1915, renovated interiorly in 1997, and a narthex, baptismal font, and bathrooms were added in 2006-2007. The parish grew until St. Patrick's Chapel was created in 1954 on the west side of town to accommodate the growing number of Catholics. In 1960 St. Patrick Parish was formally established. The St. Patrick church-building was built in 1968. Both parishes eventually created a school and an auditorium/gym/hall. Due to the decline in the structure of the building, St. Rose School was demolished in 2002. The two schools were then merged into Holy Family Grade School. After the merging of the schools and some consolidation of parish organizations, the two parishes were financially and organizationally merged into one in July of 2003. Temporarily identified as "The Catholic Community of Great Bend", the new community was created into a new parish on December 3, 2006, under the title, Prince of Peace.   

Our Mission: Serving God and our neighbor with compassion; live by example; love without exception; faith without compromise.

Monday, October 16th

Tuesday, October 17th

Wednesday, October 18th

Thursday, October 19th

Friday, October 20th

Lifetouch Pictorial Directory

Lifetouch Pictorial Directory

Prince of Peace Parish is updating our pictorial directory.  Please check the dates photographer will be available.  If your picture is taken early - photos will be available for gift ideas for Christmas for your Family & Friends!


Dates: Monday, November 27th to Thursday, November 30th

          Saturday, December 2nd; Sunday, December 3rd

          Tuesday, December 5th to Saturday, December 9th

          Friday, December 15th to Sunday, December 17th


Please click the link below:


Wish List 2017

Wish List 2017

Prince of Peace Parish Gift Giving Options

The policy states: "A gift or project list shall consist of not more than 10 items." The list, along with an estimated cost of each item, will be available at the Parish Office for anyone wishing to donate funds.  Considering the fact that some of you might be looking for major gift-giving options at this time, below are some projects on the list.  These project are prioritized.

Also, if you want to contribute a portion of the cost of any of these projects or give to another unlisted need, please contact the Parish Office at 620-792-1396.



   Office windows-not sealing properly resulting in loss of heat & air   13 @ $1800. ea

   Parish Ctr windows-not sealing properly resulting in loss of heat & air 6 @ $700. ea


  Parish Ctr Kitchen Flooring-cracking due to age & use                              $4580.

  Priest Bathroom Flooring-leaking into subfloor                                           $  615.

Air Conditioning:

    Parish Ctr Kitchen AC-33 years old                                                              $4122.

  Parish Ctr Lobby AC-33 years old                                                                $4360.



   Cafeteria Tables                                                                                         $3000.

  Magnetic Dry Erase Boards in all Classrooms                                            $4000.

  Projectors Mounted on Ceilings                                                                   $8000.

  Individual Cubbies in Classrooms                                                                $3000.

  Trophy/Statue Case                                                                                     $3500.



Marian Devotion/First Saturday-location correction

Marian Devotion/1st Saturday

Saturday, September 2

8:30 am

St. Rose


this is correction to Bulletin - correct location IS ST. ROSE


Prayer Board for 2017 Women's ACTS Retreat

Prayer Board for 2017 Women's ACTS Retreat

September 7-10, 2017


Please sign-up for the hour that is most convenient for you. We will have a round the clock prayer board for the Women's Retreat.

Please click here to sign-up for an hour that is convenient for you. Thank you. 





Parish Office Closed

Parish Office Closed Tuesday, August 15th

due to the Feast of the Assumption (Holy Day)

Regular office hours will resume on Wednesday, August 16th!





The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a Holy Day of Obligation.  Following is the Mass Schedule for the Vigil and actual Holy Day:


Vigil, Monday, August 14

St. Patrick                        6:00 pm


Holy Day, Tuesday, August 15

  St. Rose                        7:15 am

   Convent                      11:15 am

   St. Patrick                   12:10 pm

  St. Rose                       7:00 pm (Spanish)



Catholic News - Catholic World News

Mass Times

Weekend Mass
St. Rose of Lima
Sat 5:30pm
Sun 8:00am
Sun 10:00am
Spanish Mass
Sun 12:30pm
St. Patrick
Sat 5:00pm
Sun 9:30am

See the bulletin for daily Mass details



St. Patrick
4:00-4:45 pm
St. Rose of Lima
4:30-5:15 pm



Monday through Friday
7:00 am to 8:00 pm
No Saturday hours
12:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Pro-Life Prayers:  7:00 pm on 4th Friday of each month


Prince of Peace Catholic Church
4100 Broadway, PO Box 87
Great Bend, KS 67530-0087
St Patrick
St. Patrick Worship Site

4100 Broadway
Great Bend, KS 67530
St Rose
St. Rose of Lima Worship Site

1424 Baker
Great Bend, KS 67530

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