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Wish List 2017

Wish List 2017

Prince of Peace Parish Gift Giving Options

The policy states: "A gift or project list shall consist of not more than 10 items." The list, along with an estimated cost of each item, will be available at the Parish Office for anyone wishing to donate funds.  Considering the fact that some of you might be looking for major gift-giving options at this time, below are some projects on the list.  These project are prioritized.

Also, if you want to contribute a portion of the cost of any of these projects or give to another unlisted need, please contact the Parish Office at 620-792-1396.



   Office windows-not sealing properly resulting in loss of heat & air   13 @ $1800. ea

   Parish Ctr windows-not sealing properly resulting in loss of heat & air 6 @ $700. ea


  Parish Ctr Kitchen Flooring-cracking due to age & use                              $4580.

  Priest Bathroom Flooring-leaking into subfloor                                           $  615.

Air Conditioning:

    Parish Ctr Kitchen AC-33 years old                                                              $4122.

  Parish Ctr Lobby AC-33 years old                                                                $4360.



   Cafeteria Tables                                                                                         $3000.

  Magnetic Dry Erase Boards in all Classrooms                                            $4000.

  Projectors Mounted on Ceilings                                                                   $8000.

  Individual Cubbies in Classrooms                                                                $3000.

  Trophy/Statue Case                                                                                     $3500.