Prince of Peace Catholic Parish - Great Bend, KS

Eucharistic Ministers

These people have a desire to serve our parish at Mass by ministering the Body and Blood of Christ. Some of them also volunteer to take the Eucharist to the homebound on Thursday,Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Other volunteer to take the Eucharist to those in the hospital at 7 AM in the morning.


These people who have a special love for the Word of God and who feel called to proclaim it are encouraged to undertake this ministry. Our goal is to have two lectors for every Mass. The lectors are provided with a Workbook for Lectors so that they can conscientiously prepare to share the Word of God.


Leaders begin their Introduction before Mass with a welcome and a very short summary of the message of the scripture readings for the celebration. They also read the Intercessions after the Creed. A copy of the Leader's parts are mailed every Wednesday, so that the Leaders have plenty of time to prepare for this important ministry. Those who are leaders are asked to read loudly and slowly so that everyone can understand them well.

Altar Servers

Servers can be either boys or girls. In the Spanish-speaking community, children have begun serving after making their First Communion. At our English Masses, servers can begin in grades 4-8. Every September we invite all 4th through 8th grade students to serve at our Masses. We provide training sessions for all new servers.

Gift Bearers

Gift bearers present the bread and wine to the priest at the altar. Individuals as well as members of one family are invited to do this. If one, two, or three individuals would like to do it together, they can call Sr. Celeste 792-1396 and let her know to schedule you together. Non-Catholic family members can also participate with the rest of the family who is Catholic. Schedules are sent out every June and December. Anyone who is interested in being gift bears can contact


Ushers are responsible to guide individuals to available seating and assist elderly or handicapped individuals. They also help witht he circulation of the collection baskets. They also place the bulletins in the designated areas before the Mass ends, and place the collection in locked bags.


The greeters are asked to be at Mass 20 minutes before the Mass begins and to stand at the entrances of the church to welcome and greet parishioners and guests. Their ministry is very important because they are the first image that visitors get of who we are in Prince of Peace Parish. The warmth of their greeting lets people know we are happy to have them come and worship with us.


Those who have the gift of music and a desire to pray their music are invited to be cantors. They are responsible to lead the congregation in song at weekend Masses, funeral liturgies, and other liturgical celebrations.


We are always grateful to those who are willing to share their musical talents as organist, pianists, or guitarists to help support the singing of our people at worship.